Spellbound is a fruity yet floral harmony of sweet orange, juicy peach and hints of mango. It rests on a mouthwatering base of strawberry, apricot and plum with a hint of musk. A truly sensual scent.


Recommended Retail Price is €3.




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  • Ideal for Oil or Wax Melt Burners, simply place one or two teaspoons into the well of your burner. Do not add water. They can also be used for general fragrance in pot potpourri or decorating plates.

    Our scented granules are all made in County Meath and mixed by hand in small batches.

    They are are mess free as you just place in the oil burner reservoir and they require no water. Light candle underneath to create a wonderful aroma. We recommend using 2/4 hour tealights. Do not Ingest.

    Minimum content 50g


Metges Lane, Navan Town Centre, Navan, County Meath, Ireland

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